Signature Scent

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Have you ever been walking through a beauty hall or down the street and smelt a whiff of fragrance and immediately thought of someone.

If you are like me, you come from a family of women who love beauty products. I remember playing in my Nanna’s bathroom, her top drawer full of lipsticks and powders. All matte styles in bright colors, that I used to love trying on. But it was her fragrance that even now when I smell it I think of my Nan.

For years she wore Estée Lauder’s Youth Dew. She used to buy the powder and use the powder puff to dust herself in the fragrance on her chest and décolletage.

And for my mum, it is the original Fendi. Although they don’t make it anymore, if I ever smell anything close to it, it will always be my mums perfume.

For me I struggle with finding perfumes I like. But my current scent which I have worn nearly every day since its launch in 2010 is Georgia Armani’s Aqua Di Gioia.

What is your signature scent?


Bioderma Sensibio H2O Miceller Water



I recently posted this photo on my Instagram account and realised this is one of the most long term beauty products I have ever purchased. Looking at everything on my dressing table and in my beauty drawers, there are so many products there that have barely made it through 1 bottle let alone 2. But I’ve used Bioderma Sensibio H2O since it was called Crealine H2O.

I couldn’t even tell you when or which country I was  in that I bought it, all I know is the amount of bottles I have been through is well into the double digits (and I only buy the big bottles!).

I love that it removes my makeup easily, without dragging my skin, even really heavy eye and waterproofs make up. It is great for travelling, for correcting any mistakes you make when you are doing your make up, and it is great for my skin.

I have tried other miceller waters over the years, most of them samples or I’ve had to buy them when I’ve run out of Bioderma and haven’t been able to stock up straight away, and none of them are as good.

I think this is the one product I will use forever.

Sephora Australia


Sephora finally launched in Australia in 2014 in Sydney in Pitt Street and since then have added six more across Australia.

Having lived in North America and UK and being able to travel to Europe on a regular basis, I was rather dissapointed when I visited the Pitt St store for the first time. So many of the brands I had come to know and love were missing, or only limited ranges were available.

Luckily in the last few years, the brands they carry have grown, however a note about online Sephora Australia vs Shop Sephora Australia – they don’t sell the same products and lines. Online comes out of Singapore, so often there are different ranges, colors etc. I personally find online they are often out of stock on a number of popular products.

Unfortunately for us Aussies, the price of products here compared to overseas is a lot higher. Whenever I travel or have friends that travel I often send them in to a Sephora with a list and one of my 3 loyalty cards. I have one for the USA/Canada, one for Sephora France and one for Australia.

Speaking of the loyalty program, not having it a global one is somewhat of an annoyance. I have been VIB USA/Canada and at the moment am Black in Australia (which means you have to spend more than $300 in a year). I would love to have just one card, but the benefits of what I used to get in North America VIB program compared to the Beauty Pass here are much less.

For all the brands that Sephora stocks see my separate post here



Who to follow?

I recently started a separate instagram account just for all my face and beauty stuff. Not that I don’t want people to know who I am just that a lot of my friends and family couldn’t care less about the latest lipstick or moisturiser.

It was great because it meant I could go in and follow additional accounts specifically just tailored to this one passion of mine. And it got me thinking. Let’s say you had to put in your top accounts to follow on social media, what or who would they be?

For me my top 3 would probably be

Lisa Eldridge – Professional Make up Artist and Global Creative Director of Lancôme who’s videos I’ve been watching almost since her YouTube channel started (and website)
Caroline Hirons – Skincare Expert who thought me how to use so many products correctly with her very dry sense of humour
Sali Hughes – Who is a beauty journalist and who’s In the bathroom series is one I watch over and over again

Not all beauty advice is the same!


There are hundreds of beauty websites, blogs and advice columns out there, and it’s hard to work out which ones to follow and listen too. (This one included). But I think it’s important that you look into any claims any of them are saying before taking advice as gospel, and just because they give a product 3 stars out of 5 when you would give it a 5 doesn’t mean they are right and you are wrong, it just means you might be looking for something different.

Take Paula’s Choice Beautipedia (which is a great resource that I use and love often). Her library of product reviews, information and intel can be a very valuable tool, however, her team is likely to rate a day cream lower if it doesn’t contain SPF. Now I personally don’t like creams containing an SPF, I prefer to apply that separately or I have one or two day creams that contain it that I wear when I need to. If some of my products decided to start including SPF I may not still use them as heavy ones often breakout my skin. But just for that one reason a product is rated lower, when really it might be amazing!

The best advice is to do you research. Get testers of products before buying whole tubes. Trial the product first and look into the ingredients, both good and bad. (Glossary on this is coming soon!) 

Trash vs Treasure


I think it’s important when looking at any beauty routine, makeup product, or trend that what works for someone else isn’t necessarily going to work for you.

If you’ve heard the saying “One (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure” you should apply this to all things beauty. What works for your friend, colleague, people on social media may not always give you the same results. We’ve all been there, bought a product because a shop assistant talked us into it or in my case seeing rave reviews on Instagram, only to try the product  at home and break out or use it for weeks to not notice an ounce of difference (wasting both time and money!)

It’s important to approach face and beauty thinking that no two faces are the same and it’s important that you find products, skincare and make up looks that work for you and your face.