Sephora Australia


Sephora finally launched in Australia in 2014 in Sydney in Pitt Street and since then have added six more across Australia.

Having lived in North America and UK and being able to travel to Europe on a regular basis, I was rather dissapointed when I visited the Pitt St store for the first time. So many of the brands I had come to know and love were missing, or only limited ranges were available.

Luckily in the last few years, the brands they carry have grown, however a note about online Sephora Australia vs Shop Sephora Australia – they don’t sell the same products and lines. Online comes out of Singapore, so often there are different ranges, colors etc. I personally find online they are often out of stock on a number of popular products.

Unfortunately for us Aussies, the price of products here compared to overseas is a lot higher. Whenever I travel or have friends that travel I often send them in to a Sephora with a list and one of my 3 loyalty cards. I have one for the USA/Canada, one for Sephora France and one for Australia.

Speaking of the loyalty program, not having it a global one is somewhat of an annoyance. I have been VIB USA/Canada and at the moment am Black in Australia (which means you have to spend more than $300 in a year). I would love to have just one card, but the benefits of what I used to get in North America VIB program compared to the Beauty Pass here are much less.

For all the brands that Sephora stocks see my separate post here




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