About me

Grab some cleansing balm, pull up a seat and start a facial massage as you read (don’t know what I’m talking about – well hopefully that’s where I can help!)

I am no expert, I have never trained in the beauty industry apart from the odd makeup course here and there, however, I have always had a love of products, makeup and all things beauty – a relationship that has been going on for over 23 years. And I think when you have a passion and a thirst for knowledge i.e. what are the latest trends, products, what works, what doesn’t, what new tips and tricks are out there and most importantly what does all that jargon mean? You do your own research, filling your brain with all sorts of  information.

I often find myself educating my friends and family on beauty products, based on their complaints, queries and just general lack of knowledge (we won’t call it ignorance) and I thought if my friends and family don’t understand what ‘glycolic’ acid is, are they buying products and using them incorrectly (something I have done many a time in the past) or are they simply thinking that the state of their skin is the norm without a light at the end of the tunnel?

So I thought I would use this blog as a bit of a glossary along with a ‘where to buy’ guide in between featuring some of my current favourites.

Having lived in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia (where I call home) I’ve been lucky enough to have been exposed to many brands that are cult in some countries to being impossible to buy in others. I am constantly on the lookout for good international shipping on products I can’t get in Australia from trusted sites that I know aren’t going to send me anything fake (not naming names but it happened to me years ago from a popular site and I’ve never been back!) and send a few samples to help me try something new.

My earliest memories of using beauty products are when I was a little girl dancing Jazz Ballet in concert. I remember going to sleep with fake tan on my legs (wearing tights over them to really develop that orange colour and stop it staining the sheets), going to sleep in foam rollers and then when on stage wearing blue eye shadow with red lipstick. Hey it was the 80’s, we really didn’t know any better.

Then in my early teens, my mother took me to the Clarins counter. I remember coming home with little pots, tubs of cleanser, maybe a toner and a container of green moisturiser for oily skin. I’m pretty sure it’s the same one you can still buy here today. For many years I was a loyal Clarins customer, from their beauty products to body oils and their makeup, it was rare that I strayed very far from the brand (with the exception of a few cheaper brands thrown in). The important thing is that from a young age, I have looked after my skin, from cleansing in some form to using a moisturiser, an eye cream and other products here and there.

At the end of my teens I started to use other brands, but my real love of other products came in 2005 when I moved to London – being exposed to the joys of Boots and the Selfridges beauty hall, I fell hard and fast in love with products of all brands, quality, and price point. From weekend trips to Paris to raid the Sephora on the Champs-Elysee to using many a face-wipe (something I now no longer do) from the range at Boots, I slowly educated myself, reading product information, online and in store, building my knowledge to where it is now, fuelled by online content, social media and some of my favourite stores and experts.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact me, otherwise, I hope you learn something new here!


Zara xx