Signature Scent

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Have you ever been walking through a beauty hall or down the street and smelt a whiff of fragrance and immediately thought of someone.

If you are like me, you come from a family of women who love beauty products. I remember playing in my Nanna’s bathroom, her top drawer full of lipsticks and powders. All matte styles in bright colors, that I used to love trying on. But it was her fragrance that even now when I smell it I think of my Nan.

For years she wore Estée Lauder’s Youth Dew. She used to buy the powder and use the powder puff to dust herself in the fragrance on her chest and décolletage.

And for my mum, it is the original Fendi. Although they don’t make it anymore, if I ever smell anything close to it, it will always be my mums perfume.

For me I struggle with finding perfumes I like. But my current scent which I have worn nearly every day since its launch in 2010 is Georgia Armani’s Aqua Di Gioia.

What is your signature scent?