Bioderma Sensibio H2O Miceller Water



I recently posted this photo on my Instagram account and realised this is one of the most long term beauty products I have ever purchased. Looking at everything on my dressing table and in my beauty drawers, there are so many products there that have barely made it through 1 bottle let alone 2. But I’ve used Bioderma Sensibio H2O since it was called Crealine H2O.

I couldn’t even tell you when or which country I was ┬áin that I bought it, all I know is the amount of bottles I have been through is well into the double digits (and I only buy the big bottles!).

I love that it removes my makeup easily, without dragging my skin, even really heavy eye and waterproofs make up. It is great for travelling, for correcting any mistakes you make when you are doing your make up, and it is great for my skin.

I have tried other miceller waters over the years, most of them samples or I’ve had to buy them when I’ve run out of Bioderma and haven’t been able to stock up straight away, and none of them are as good.

I think this is the one product I will use forever.