Who to follow?

I recently started a separate instagram account just for all my face and beauty stuff. Not that I don’t want people to know who I am just that a lot of my friends and family couldn’t care less about the latest lipstick or moisturiser.

It was great because it meant I could go in and follow additional accounts specifically just tailored to this one passion of mine. And it got me thinking. Let’s say you had to put in your top accounts to follow on social media, what or who would they be?

For me my top 3 would probably be

Lisa Eldridge – Professional Make up Artist and Global Creative Director of Lancôme who’s videos I’ve been watching almost since her YouTube channel started (and website)
Caroline Hirons – Skincare Expert who thought me how to use so many products correctly with her very dry sense of humour
Sali Hughes – Who is a beauty journalist and who’s In the bathroom series is one I watch over and over again